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Hello Explorers! I'm Vandana, nice to meet you here! I was born in the lap of Mother Nature in a popular hill station in India, studied in Doon Valley, and now happy to call Canada home for the rest of my life.

I have been a nature explorer since birth. Mother Earth has given us tremendous opportunities to experience, cherish, and appreciate it, so why not! In the past 38 years, I have made an abode on four different continents of the world. Like they say, “If you stay in one place throughout your life, you never really came out of your bedroom”.

Dinner at Purani Dilli Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

I was very ambitious as a child and my life goal since Grade 9 was to become a doctor, people called me sharp, as an ace science student, I wanted to explore the horizon and thought I got it all but turned out it wasn’t my calling. Instead, the marriage fell on the chart for me at the age of 21 and took me across the Indian Ocean to an African paradise in East Africa. Diani Beach in Mombasa is an African utopia that one must explore in their lifetime for the love of pristine beaches and turquoise waters. After living four years in paradise, destiny took us to the other shores across the Indian Ocean to the islands of Zanzibar where I explored the tiny lanes of stone-town, glamorous beaches, majestic sunsets, and spice souks of the bewitching islands.

Dinner at Purani Dilli Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

In Zanzibar, I taught basic English to two Austrian children whose father worked with my husband and later took a job of Boutique Manager for a new Boutique. But our destiny had other plans for us. It was when another knocking, enchanting opportunity materialized from Dubai and my husband bagged it. We were now a family of three instead of two and ready to explore the shores of the Arabian Peninsula. I wanted to do more than just being a housewife and soon, I got into business with my life partner and ventured into something I hadn’t studied for, although people can vouch, I’ve studied hospitality in college. This gave me more opportunities to visit the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and world-class fine dining restaurants, bars, and eateries.

Dinner at Purani Dilli Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

Since I moved a lot, I came across tons of places and opportunities which I wanted to share with people, a few tips and do’s and don’ts. One day, I thought to pen down my ideas for those who loved similar interests that I do. I thought, maybe something can benefit them, I might inspire them. After doing a lot of thinking, I decided to launch ExplorewithVandanaRajbhatt on WordPress to express my thoughts in words. I write, what I feel and have experienced and put my heart out in my travel stories and reviews

Festivals and Events are another part of my life that I cherish, you would find various festivals on my websites. Thanks for going through my story and I'm hoping you’ll enjoy being a part of my journey! Let’s explore it all together, don’t forget to subscribe and comment on my blogs.

Dinner at Purani Dilli Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

I’m a passionate hospitality recruitment consultant, businesswoman, marketer, love traveling and photography, die-hard foodie (Vegetarian), and mother of 2 hyperactive boys. Writing has been my passion since my early ages, it’s a tool to express my feelings. I share my experiences, travel, festivals, events, restaurant/ hotel reviews through this platform.

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